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Oct 2015  
Changes to the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) with effect from 01 January 2016
Tuesday, 5 October 2015

With effect from 01 January 2016, the Work Injury Compensation ACT compensation limit will be enhanced by about 20%. In summary, the compensation limit is appended as follows: -

  Limits  Existing Limit New Limit (Accidents happened on or after 01st January 2016) Remarks
 Death Minimum $57,000 $69,000   21.05%
Maximum $170,000 $204,000   20%
Minimum $73,000 $88,000   20.55%
Maximum $218,000 $262,000   20.18%
                          Up to $30,000 or 1 year from date of accident, whichever is reached first Up to $36,000 or 1 year from date of accident, whichever is reached first  20%

* This excludes the additional 25% compensation that is paid to workers with total permanent incapacity to offset the cost of care for the injured worker.

Besides the enhancement in the compensation limit, please also be advised that treatment to facilitate early return to work will be claimable as part of WICA medical expenses, effective 01 January 2016. This would include the following:

  1. Charges for physiotherapy and occupational and speech therapy
  2. Case Management
  3. Psychotherapy
  4. Functional capacity evaluation
  5. Worksite Assessment for purposes of rehabilitating an injured employees back to work
  6. The cost of medicines and artificial limbs and surgical appliances

For your easy reference, we enclosed a copy of the factsheet regarding the changes to the Work Injury Compensation ACT from Ministry of Manpower for your kind attention.

In view of the above enhancements, insurers may need to impose additional premium between 10% to 20% to cushion for the claims arising from the increased in compensation limits. We will advise you if there is any changes in the premium rate, when your WIC policy is due for renewal.

Meanwhile, please feel free to contact us if you need further clarifications.



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