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Apr 2015  
Team KIB visits the Land of Kimchi
Monday, 13 April 2015

KIB Team not only work hard together, we have fun together as well. This year's company trip, was for many of us the much awaited trip, as we visit the lands of our favourite Hallyu Stars.

We visited many famous attractions such as Petite France, Nami Island, Gyeongbukgung and Everland. Every meal was a treat as we get to virtually try everything from sizzling BBQ, spicy Hotpot and Kimchi Chigae. For cooling down our tongues, we had icy Patbingsu and delicious sweet rice cakes. During the trip, some of us even got to try the traditional Korean Hanbok. The trip holds a different memorable experience for each one of us.


Not only did this trip allow us to know Korea more, it strengthen our bonds as a team as we learn how to say heartfelt "Sarang Hae Yo" to each other.

Where would our company take us next year?

More importantly, wherever it may be, we know we will enjoy each other's company because we are KIB.

Thank you KIB!



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